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A contract between a landholder and tenant, whereby the previous provides the latter the right to occupy a home or residential premises is termed as a rental agreement. it's one among the foremost important documents for each of the parties to avoid any future disputes.

At a time once the abidance disputes square measure growing by leaps and bounds, it's utmost necessary to secure the property by drafting a radical rent/lease agreement and additional, registering the deed at the closest sub-registrar’s workplace. Whether or not you're the tenant or the owner, a rental agreement registration is a legal binding and safeguards the rights of each of the parties just in case of future conflicts.

A rental agreement will be verbal, written or inexplicit. However, an agreement is proof and summarises the terms and conditions accepted by each of the parties. Once each of the parties comply with the terms and conditions mentioned within the agreement, it can not be altered while not their mutual consent.

Why do you have to register a rent agreement?

A registered rental agreement is one among the foremost necessary components of a landlord-tenant relationship. Not solely will it foster the connection between the 2 parties however conjointly protects their rights. Further, it informs others concerning the possession of the property. The landlord/tenant ought to ne'er accept an associate degree oral agreement since it's not sure by law , so must always put in force execution an agreement.

Another benefit of registering a rental agreement is that it acts as legal proof and might defend the landlord from any legal dispute in future. once a deal involves an oversized quality sort of a home, the owner desires a document that protects him/her de jure just in case of any dispute or opposition from the opposite party in future.

When to register the rent agreement?

According to the Registration Act, 1908, applicable to any or all States, (except Jammu and Kashmir), a ‘lease’ includes all entities like residential property, industrial property, enterprise hired for cultivation, hereditary allowances, fisheries, ferries, rights to ways in which, lights and the other profit arising out of the land (excluding timber or crops cultivation). of these properties ought to be registered if they're hired intent on a tenant for an amount of over eleven months. A rent agreement that lasts just for eleven months doesn't need a registration.

How to register the rent agreement?

Visit the closest sub-registrar’s workplace for registration. However, it's necessary to stay a track of your time once the deed was created. The registration should be created a minimum of four months before the date of deed expiration. After this, a recent deed should be created. this can be applicable to any or all legal documents mandating registration riddance a property can.

To register the deed, each of the parties - tenant and therefore the landholder ought to be gift alongside 2 witnesses for attestation. If each of the parties doesn't seem to be a gift at an equivalent time, he/she should sign the facility of professional, granting professional the rights of agreement closure.

What documents needed for rent agreement registration?

The original proof/evidence of possession or title of the property

Property documents like Index II or tax receipt of the property to be hired

Two images every|of every} of the parties and one among each of the witness

Copy of the address proof of each of the parties and witnesses. Passport, Aadhar Card, card, Bank bankbook or driving licence, any of them will be submitted because of the address proof.

What are the registration charges?

A quantity of Rs one,100 is to be obtained from the registration of the rent agreement. The fee is in spite of the rental quantity or property worth. revenue enhancement charges are applicable.

For instance, in Delhi, revenue enhancement charges for a property rented out for a amount of five years is a pair of %. Similarly, a three % revenue enhancement is levied on properties hired out for over five years however up to ten years.

Is on-line rent agreement registration possible?

Online registration of rental agreements is feasible in geographic areas. For this, the individual/landlord must produce a profile by bearing on an e-filing web site ( when making the profile, the user must enter varied details of the property like village, taluka, property kind, area, address and different obtainable details.

Upon victorious completion, the owner has the choice to create payment of revenue enhancement charges and charges on-line by generating an internet challan receipt. Post victorious payment of the requisite fees, the owner will book an arrangement with the sub-registrar. He/she must gain the sub-registrar’s workplace on the date with all the required documents to determine victorious registration of the property.

For different States, each of the parties alongside the witnesses ought to visit the workplace of the sub-registrar to induce the deed registered.

Over the years, there has been a surge within the range of tenant-landlord disputes arising out of many reasons. No individual would ever wish to get treed during a legal scenario. Thus, to avoid any unwanted legal settlement in future, it's essential to induce the rent agreement registered before returning your property to a tenant. There's little question that if you get your rental agreement registered with the native registrar, you'll simply avoid unwanted legal things.


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