Before the Ld. Notary  Public  at ………………(Nanme of place)



                                                                    A F F I D A V I T





I, ______________________,  S/W/D of ___________________,  residing at  _______________  (Address with pin code, P.S, P.O, District), in the state of ______________, do hereby affirm and declare as follows:-




1. That I have been possessing the holding premises being Holding No.  ______, Ward No. ____, of ______________(Short Name of the Govt. Administrative Dept.)  situated at ________________________________  (Address with pin code and District) by acquired the same from __________________ S/W/D of _______________ .


2. That I have enjoying and possessing the said land since long (vest  land) but the holding number still  is in the name of said ______________________(Name of Owner), which is required to be mutated in my name in place of previous possessor.


3. That if any dispute  arises in future I shall be fully liable for the same.


4. That I shall be fully liable and responsible  for payment of holding tax to the concerned authority.


5. That I swear this affidavit for the purpose of mutating my name in the holding  register.



The statements made above are true to my Knowledge and belief and I sign this Affidavit on this the ______   day of _______(month) ,_______(year)  at ___________(Name of place).





                                                                                                                                     Identified  by  me:



                                                                                                          Advocate/ _____________(Name of place)


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