The Acting Judges Act, 1867

The Acting Judges Act, 1867


[ 1st March, 1867.]

An Act to authorize the making of acting appointments to certain Judicial Offices 1

WHEREAS the Governor General of India in Council or the Local Government, as the case may be, is empowered by divers enactments to appoint the Judges of certain Courts 2And whereas it has been doubted whether he or it is empowered to appoint persons to act temporarily as such Judges, and it is expedient to remove such doubts; It is hereby enacted as follows:—

This Act has been declared, by notification under s.3 (a) of the Scheduled Districts Act, 1874 (14 of 1874), to be in force in the following Scheduled Districts, namely:

The Districts of Hazáribágh, Lohárdaga (now the Ranchi Districts, see Calcutta Gazette, 1899, Pt.I, p.44), and Mánbhum, and Pargana Dhálbhum and the Kolhán in the District of Singbhum—see Gazette of India, 1881, Pt.I, p.504.

This Act has been extended to the new Provinces and Merged States by the Merged States (Laws) Act, 1949 (59 of 1949) and to the States of Manipur, Tripura and Vindhya Pradesh by the Part C States (Laws) Act, 1950 (30 of 1950), s.2.}

2.The words “in the Provinces” were omitted by the A.O.1950.

2. Certain enactments to be construed as if they contained a clause like section 1 of this act.

Every such Act and Regulation shall be construed as if it contained a special clause to the purport or effect of the first section of this Act.

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