FIR drafting

FIR drafting

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FIR drafting

Welcome to our FIR Filing Service - Your Key to Legal Resolution!

Have you been a victim of a crime or witnessed an unlawful incident? Our law firm is here to guide you through the process of filing a First Information Report (FIR), the crucial first step in initiating legal proceedings.

Our FIR Filing Service ensures a seamless experience for reporting criminal activities. Whether it's theft, fraud, assault, or any other criminal offense, our team of experienced legal professionals is ready to assist you in preparing and filing a comprehensive FIR that complies with legal standards.

Why choose our FIR Filing Service?

  1. Expert Guidance: Our seasoned legal experts will provide you with personalized guidance, ensuring that all essential details are included in your FIR to strengthen your case.

  2. Timely Action: Swift action is crucial in criminal matters. Our efficient service helps you file an FIR promptly, preserving crucial evidence and initiating the legal process without delay.

  3. Legal Compliance: We ensure that your FIR adheres to all legal requirements, increasing its effectiveness in the subsequent legal proceedings.

  4. Peace of Mind: Filing an FIR can be a daunting process. Let our experts handle the intricacies, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in the legal actions being taken on your behalf.

Take the first step towards justice – avail our FIR Filing Service today and let us help you navigate the path to legal resolution with expertise and efficiency.

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It should include what happened, when and who caused it, their name and address or his description if known, who witnessed it, for what, what is caused to you (the loss or injury). In the last paragraph, you may write a request to take action as per law. Sign it with date.

Yes,fIR in the police station written with a lawyer's assistance is good for complainant. Lawyers use legal terms and is arranged in such a type that it is also helpful to police authorities. as the police use it to frame cases based on essential conditions of cases.

The informant doesn't need to have first-hand information about the offence. Even an anonymous notice to the police that contains information about such an offence can be treated as a formal complaint. The police officer can also lodge an FIR himself if he has knowledge that a cognizable offence has been committed.

Once an FIR has been filed the police are legally bound to start investigating the case. The process of investigation includes, but is not limited to, collecting evidence, questioning witnesses, inspecting the crime scene, forensic testing, recording statements and so on.

They can lodge an fir after 5 years or long time, but they will have to come with an explanation ad to why they sat over the matter, also, as far as limitation is concerned, it varies, for different offences (sections) there is different time limit.