Before the Ld. Notary public at ………………(Name of Place)


                                                                        D E C L A R A T I O N


I, ________________, son/daughter/wife of __________________, __________ by religion, _________ by occupation, ________________________________(Address with pin code, P.O, P.S and District) do hereby solemnly declare and affirm as follows:


  1. That my father Sri. Late _________________ was absolute owner in possession of land fully described in Schedule ‘A’ below by virtue of a Registered Deed of lease dt. _____________ granted by Govt. of ___________ (Name of State) and the said lease was granted for a period of ______ years and the said land is fully described in Schedule ‘A’ below.


  1. That after the expiry of my father and mother I became the absolute owner in possession of land with building constructed thereon by virtue of a will and probate granted by Assistant District Judge, ___________ (Name of Place) vide Misc. case no. ______ of _______ year.


  1. That after the expiry of Deed of lease as aforesaid after _______ years, I have failed to renew the said lease due to some unavoidable circumstances.


  1. That by a deed of agreement dated ___________  I have agreed to sell entire first floor of my building measuring _______sq.ft to i) ________________, ii) ______________, iii) ________________ and iv) _________________ of _______________ (Name of Place) at a consideration of Rs. ______________


  1. That I have received total sale price of Rs____________ from _________________ (Name) and others vide Agreement dated _____________ and handed me the possession of entire ________ floor fully described in the schedule ‘B’ below to ______________ (Name) & Others.


  1. That as the Deed of Lease of land as aforesaid is not renewed by me within time; I have failed to execute a Sale Deed in favour of _______________ (Name) and others as mentioned in the Deed of Agreement dated ______________.


  1. That as I have received full and final payment of the ________ floor fully described in the schedule ‘B’ below and I do hereby promise that I shall apply to the concerned Authority for renewal of said Deed of Lease and within ______(In word) month from the date of this declaration I shall execute Sale Deed in favour of ____________ (Name) & other.


  1. That if within ________ (In word)) months if the said Deed of Lease is not renewed by the concerned authority or if I fails to execute a Sale Deed within ________ (IN word) months from today in favour if ______________ and others, then I shall refund/return a sum of Rs. _______________ or market value of the premises whichever is higher to __________________ and others immediately after the expiry of _________ (In word) months from this date.


  1. That if I fails to pay the said sum of Rs. ____________ or market value of the premises within _____ (IN word) months to __________________ & others if demanded by them, then they shall be at liberty to file a suit against me in a proper count if Law for any relief or reliefs.


  1. That I shall try my liable best to get the said Deed of Lease renewed and execute a Sale Deed in favour of ______________ & others within _____ (In word) months from this date of declaration.


                                                                           S C H E D U L E- ‘A’


All that piece or parcel of land measuring ____(In word) Katha _____ (In word) Chhataks _______ Sq.ft. appertaining to Khatian No. _______, C.S. Plot No. __________(part) in Mouza- ___________ , P.O. & P.S. ________, Dist- __________ together with a Building standing thereon, being Holding No. _________ Village Name/Ward No. ________ of _________________ (Block/Municipal Corporation).


                                                                          S C H E D U L E- ‘B’


All that premises consisting of One Room measuring _________ Sq.ft. being the entire _____ floor of a four storied Building being part of Holding No. _______Village Name/ Ward No. _________ of the  ____________________ (Block/ Municipal Corporation), PO & P.S.- _________, Dist- _____________ as fully shown in the Map annexed herewith and demarcated by Red boundary Lines alongwith common facilities of Stair case and other common facilities of the Building alongwith undivided proportionate share of the land described in the Schedule ‘A’ above.


The statement made above is true to my knowledge and belief and I sign this Declaration on this the _____day of  _____________ month, ___________ year, at _____________ (Name of Place).



                                                                                                                              D E C L A R A N T


                                                                                                                               Identified by me:


                                                                                                               Advocate, _________ (Name of Place)






Guidelines for Drafting an Affidavit for Self Declaration by the Owner to Prove Ownership of Land with Building and Renew or Execute Lease and Sale Deed:

1. Title: Begin with a clear title, such as "Affidavit for Self Declaration of Ownership of Land with Building."

2. Declarant's Information: Identify the declarant (owner) and provide their full legal name, address, and contact details.

3. Property Details: Describe the property in detail, including its address, dimensions, and any unique identifiers.

4. Declaration of Ownership: Clearly state that the declarant is the legal owner of the land and building in question.

5. Purpose: Explain the purpose of the affidavit, which may include renewing or executing lease and sale deeds.

6. Details of Documents: If applicable, list the documents attached as evidence of ownership, such as property titles, deeds, or land records.

7. Notarization: Ensure the affidavit is signed and notarized in accordance with local laws and regulations.

8. Witness Statements: Include statements from witnesses who can confirm the declarant's ownership.

9. Legal Authority: Mention any legal authority or jurisdiction under which the affidavit is being executed.

Common Mistakes to Avoid:

Incomplete Information: Ensure that all relevant property details and ownership information are included.

Lack of Notarization: Failure to have the affidavit notarized can render it invalid.

Unverified Witnesses: Ensure that witnesses are credible and available to testify if necessary.

Inaccurate Statements: Be truthful and accurate in all statements made in the affidavit.

Failure to Consult Legal Experts: Seek legal advice to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

This affidavit is used to declare one's ownership of land and buildings and is typically required when dealing with property-related legal matters such as lease and sale deeds. Proper drafting and notarization are essential to ensure the document's validity and effectiveness in legal proceedings. Legal consultation is advisable to address jurisdiction-specific requirements.