WHEREAS, ABC desires to obtain the benefits X’s  experience  in manufacturing  the pressure pipes.



1.             J.M.  shall  furnish to  ABC  such  technical  advice and assistance to enable  ABC to manufacture products of the same  quality  which are manufactured  and sold  by  X……… “the certain  formula; specifications  for machinery and equipment ; production line  layout ; raw material specification ; technical information necessary to the processing  and  manufacture of such products;  installation and erection of buildings,   machinery and/ or equipment; and  assistance to a reasonable  extent  in the preparation  of drawings, plans and specifications for the  buildings, machinery  and equipment   other  than  architectural  design  of buildings and  detailed mechanical  design  of machinery and equipment  not developed  by J.M. ;  advice and assistance in the employment  of qualified personnel  by  ABC ; technical training  in accordance with  X’s  current customs  in such circumstances for employees of  ABC  so  as  to qualify them to matters relating to the manufacture of such products ;  access  for the access for the officers and key  employees  of ABC to  those portions of the factories  of  X   and  of  its  wholly  owned  subsidiaries  in the United States of America  where products  are  commercially  manufactured  ; and  assistance in the selection  and purchase of ingredients  required in the manufacture of such products ;


Making  available to ABC  the services of the Johns-Manville  Research  Laboratories  at  Manville, New Jersey, to  a reasonable-extent such as  a now rendered in connection with   similar  products manufactured  by  X’s wholly –owned  subsidiaries  in the United  States  of America, for  the  purpose  of testing  and analyzing  products  manufactured  or sole by its competitors, in any, in India;


Making available to  ABC  a  reasonable  number  of copies from time to time  of technical sales literature made  available  by  X or by any  of its wholly-owned  subsidiaries  to its or their  customers in  the United States of America  for use by  ABC as  guides in preparing its own  such sales  literature, provided, however, that  ABC shall not distribute, reproduce for distribution, or copy the same in whole or in part for distribution, to others without the prior  written  consent of  X; and 


Granting  permission  for  ABC in its advertising and sales literature  regarding products, and upon products and packages and   samples  thereof, to use any of the following expressions :


A.            ‘Manufactured   by the Johns-Manville  Process’


B.            ‘Manufactured  in accordance  with specification of ‘Johns-Manville’.


C.            ‘Manufactured in accordance with Johns-Manville technique’


D.            ‘any other phrase of  similar import, upon obtaining prior  approval of X’.


On condition that  ABC will not use  either the initials ‘X” or the name “X’ in a trade mark sense indicating that X is the source of the products produced by  ABC ; provided that X shall  have  the right  at any time in its  sole discretion to cancel the rights granted to  ABC by this Paragraph 1.125 if  the  products  manufactured  by  ABC  shall, in the sole judgment of  X, not in fact be manufactured  in  accordance  with specifications and techniques of  X or be of a quality  inferior to  products  of the same similar kind manufactured  by  X or  by its wholly-owned  subsidiaries  in the United States  of America ; and provided  further  that  ABC shall have to right under  this agreement or otherwise to use or  to register  any trade marks, trade names, or other commercial marks or indicia of  X or any translations, transliterations, variations or portions thereof, or any   marks  or indicia  similar thereto or to  use  the name of X or of its   subsidiaries in any manner  whatsoever except as hereinabove  expressly provided. No failure or delay on the part of X in exercising its  right of termination hereunder for any one or more causes shall prejudice   or  be construed to prejudice its right to termination for such or for any other or subsequent  cause. X shall grant to ABC non-exclusive licenses for the life of this agreement under  any Letters Patent of India  owned by X prior to  the Seventh anniversary  of the effective  date of this agreement to enable  ABC to manufactured, use  and sell said  products  in India.”

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