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(State with which the applicant wants to enroll) 


Form GST TRP - 4 


[See Rule ----] 


Reference No << Reference Number >> 

<< Date >> 


(Name of the Taxable person) (As mentioned in the registration application) 
(Address of the Taxable person) (As mentioned in the registration application) 
Enrollment Number 


Application Reference No. (ARN) (Latest) 

Dated – DD/MM/YYYY 


Order of Rejection of Application for enrolment as Tax Return Preparer/ 


Disqualification to function as Tax Return Preparer 

This  is  with  reference  to  your  enrolment  application  referred  above,  filed  under  the  ----  Goods  and  Services  Tax  Act,  2016.  The  Department  has  examined  your 
application and the same has not been found satisfactory for the following reasons:- 

If you are not satisfied with the order, you can file an appeal in accordance with the provisions of the Act. 


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Title: Guideline for Drafting TRP-4

Purpose and Usage:
The TRP-4 (Tax Return Preparer-4) form is a crucial document used in various countries, notably in the United States, and is relevant to tax professionals who are looking to obtain or renew their Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). The PTIN is necessary for tax return preparers to legally prepare and file tax returns on behalf of their clients. This form ensures that tax preparers meet specific requirements and ethical standards, as well as provide accurate information to tax authorities.

Common Mistakes to Avoid:

Incomplete or Incorrect Information: Ensure that all sections of the TRP-4 form are completed accurately. Errors or omissions can lead to delays in obtaining or renewing your PTIN.

Failure to Meet Eligibility Requirements: Verify that you meet all eligibility criteria, including educational and ethical requirements, before submitting your TRP-4 application.

Neglecting Continuing Education: Stay informed about the latest tax laws and regulations through ongoing education. Failure to do so can result in a lapse of your PTIN.

Ethical Violations: Maintain high ethical standards in your tax preparation practices. Avoid conflicts of interest, misrepresentation, and unethical behavior.

Non-Compliance with Renewal Deadlines: Timely renew your PTIN as required to continue offering tax preparation services legally.

Lack of Record Keeping: Maintain comprehensive records of your PTIN application and any communications with tax authorities. This documentation may be necessary for audits or inquiries.

Failure to Respond to IRS Correspondence: Pay attention to any correspondence from the IRS regarding your PTIN. Timely responses are vital to resolving any issues that may arise.

Unauthorized PTIN Use: Do not share or misuse your PTIN, as this can lead to severe penalties and legal consequences.

By adhering to these guidelines and maintaining ethical practices, tax professionals can obtain or renew their PTIN, allowing them to provide tax preparation services while ensuring compliance with tax regulations and ethical standards.