Is There Any Difference Between Court Marriage And Marriage Registration - Know The Difference

Is There Any Difference Between Court Marriage And Marriage Registration - Know The Difference

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Is There Any Difference Between Court Marriage And Marriage Registration - Know The Difference

What is a Court Marriage?

Court marriages are totally different from the standard marriages that typically surface in between all the relations and relatives by following all the rituals. Court marriages typically take place within the presence of a wedding officer. In a court wedding, any 2 persons who are unit eligible will marry one another within the presence of 3 witnesses. there's no want for any rituals to solemnize the wedding. Presence of a wedding officer and 3 witnesses is enough. The most vital issue in a court wedding is that it ought to satisfy the principles and rules of the special marriage act, 1954.

Any people of various genders regardless of their caste and faith will marry one another through the court wedding. it's not even obligatory that each of the people should be of Indian nationals. There will be one Indian national and one Foreign national additionally.

Marriage Registration

Marriage registration certificate is an official testimony that states that 2 folks are married. In India, weddings will be registered beneath the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 or beneath the Special marriage Act, 1954. For each of the categories of marriages, a wedding registration certificate is the legal testimony that a few are married. In 2006, the Supreme Court created it mandatory to register the wedding for protecting women’s rights. Hence, gaining a registration certificate when marriage will have several advantages.

Marriage registration certificate could be a very important document whereas applying for a passport or gap a brand new checking account with a brand new name when the wedding. Also, just in case the visa process or foreign travel, several embassies demand a replica of the wedding registration certificate. Hence, a wedding registration certificate is obligatory as several couples move abroad when marriage.

Get to grasp a lot of ways to apply on-line for wedding Registration in metropolis. To use a wedding certificate on-line in metropolis, click to go to the official Government website.


Rules of a Court marriage in India:

1) There ought to be no pre-existing wedding for any of the parties. The sole exception is, the previous better half isn't alive or divorce has been obtained from them.

2)  Free consent for the court wedding ought to lean by each of the parties. Consent shouldn't be taken once the person is insane, unsound mind etc.

3) each of the parties ought to have an eligible age to induce a court wedding.  The boy ought to be twenty one years recent and also the lady ought to be eighteen years recent.

4) each of the parties to the court wedding shouldn't be associated with one another beneath the prohibited degrees of wedding. a wedding is solemnized given that one among the parties customs permits it.

Rules of marriage registration in India:

1)   Neither of the parties ought to have a better half living at the time of the marriage.

2)   Neither of the parties ought to provide valid consent thanks to status of mind.

3) tho' each the parties are capable of giving a legitimate consent, neither of them ought to be tormented by any quiet disturbance.

4)   Neither of them ought to be subjected to continual attacks of brain disease or psychopathy.

5)   The bride ought to be eighteen years old recently and also the groom ought to be twenty one years old at the time of wedding.

6)   The parties aren't at intervals of prohibited relationships unless the custom or tradition governing every of them permits a marriage between the 2.

7)   The parties aren't a lineal dominant of the other sapindas, unless the custom or tradition prevailing permits a wedding between the 2.

Documents needed for the court marriage:

1) form punctually signed by each bride and groom.

2)   Date of birth proof of each bride and groom.

3)   Residential address proof.

4)   Receipt of fees paid at the side of the appliance kind.

5) a pair of passport size images of each bride and groom.

6)   Copy of divorce decree or order within the case of a grass widow and death certificate of better half just in case of a widow or widow man.

7) official document one every from each bride and groom. The official document regarding the court wedding should contains the subsequent court wedding information-

(i) Date of birth

(ii) legal status (unmarried, unmarried  or widowed)

(iii) a press release confirming that each of the parties aren't associated with one another beneath any quite prohibited degree of relationships.

Documents needed for wedding Registration:

Marriage Proof     

Wedding invite or temple wedding receipts or any proof of wedding solemnisation.

Identity & Address Proof

Employee ID card or card or driver's licence or visa or passport

Age Proof   

Birth certificate or college or faculty certificate or visa or passport.


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